Welcome To R.E.S.T

Interior design is the art and creative process of designing interior spaces. ¬†At R.E.S.T, our practice is to ensure that our client’s designs are coordinated and managed by our well established Interior Designers.

A Miami based Interior Design firm, an IIDA (International Interior Design Association) Affiliate Member and Design Member for The Design Network, we pride ourselves in leveraging elements of Design Psychology in creating a lifestyle, livable and lovable spaces evoking a state of R.E.S.T. We ensure that spaces designed are not only aesthetically pleasing but emotes the 5 sensory glands of being ONE with your space!

Come, Live and be in a state of R.E.S.T.

What We Do

Residential Design

At R.E.S.T, we pride ourselves in creating livable and lovable spaces that evokes the feeling of R.E.S.T (Relax.Escape.Sensual.Timeless). Our residential clients contact us because we are attentive, relatable and create spaces that connects to your lifestyle. We work with various design showrooms, vendors and speciality manufacturers to ensure that your residential space connects with you, your loved ones and your lifestyle.

Commerical Design

Our commercial design practice is one of newly formed partnerships. We work with reputable clients, design showrooms, builders, developers and speciality vendors that ensures services provided by R.E.S.T are properly managed and coordinated in a refined and automated process.

Our Process

  • Plan & Concept
  • Meet & Agree
  • Design & R.E.S.T

At this phrase we collaborate and work together in creating a design vision and concept that depicts to your lifestyle. Whether is working with Residential or Commercial spaces, during this process the importance of planning, visualization, communication and management plays a paramount role in articulating concept to reality.

Welcome to R.E.S.T! Our very first interaction with you is the Meet and Agree. During this phrase we get to introduce our brand, listen, assess and evaluate your overall design vision. This is where we have an ability to form a cohesive relationship between you and our brand. This interaction can either be a formal or informal meeting, our primary goal during the meet and agree is for you to get to know our brand and for us to get to know you and build on a formidable relationship.

Design and R.E.S.T – This is where the creative and artistic version of your defined space is executed, atheistically thought out and brought into fruition. This is where the fun in interior design comes to light. Leveraging elements of Design Psychology, at R.E.S.T, our goal is to ensure as a client you walk into a space that activates all 5 senses, but most importantly evokes a state of R.E.S.T. (Relax.Escape.Sensual.Timeless)